The Concept

Being a Marlburian, I always keep an eye out for the good Marlborough wines on the market in the UK. When I first came to Oxford in 2005 it was the big brands that stood out as having control of the market. I have no issue with this, except that having grown up in the heart of the Wairau Plains, I know that there is so much more to good wine than just the usual suspects which, granted, are still really good.

Marlborough is an incredibly beautiful province. When you look out on my family’s farm in the morning you see sheep running through the vineyard, birds flying above, mountains on both sides and almost always, a really beautiful sunrise. I don’t remember all the vineyards being a part of the Marlborough landscape when I was little; it was more cropping and dairy farming – both of which my ancestors have been a part of. It is a marvellous sight to see the vines on the Wairau Plain. The regimented rows look amazing from within the field, by the road and from the air.

My husband (Adrian) and I want to keep some of the romance of Marlborough’s wine industry alive. To do this, we think you, as a consumer, need to know three things:

  1. About the land
  2. About the people
  3. About the creative process of making wine

Every bottle of wine that we sell will be fully traceable. We will only ever supply wine from farmers and winemakers that we know personally. We are absolutely aware of the important part that contract grapes play in keeping the Marlborough wine industry turning over. However, this is not what we’re about. We want farmers to share in a little bit of the fun, creative side of wine making. Our labels tell a story and our winemakers work intimately with us and the farmers to create tailor-made flavours.

The business we’re in is fun for everyone- we enjoy being in contact with everyone and we want everyone to feel valued! Let’s give growers the chance to develop their own wine from Marlborough and give consumers the satisfaction of knowing that they are buying from a single-vineyard source of high quality.

Try us – you won’t be disappointed! You won’t end up talking to a sales person. It will always be my husband or me. We are 100% proud of what we are doing!

Sarah & Adrian Lowe

Where in the world?

Our wines come from the heart of Marlborough! The Marlborough vineyards are located on the Wairau Plain, which means they have all the advantages of the exceptional weather and few of the problems faced by wineries situated on the extremities of the region.

The map below shows you where the grapes for our wines come from as well as providing an overview of where some of Marlborough’s top wineries are.

The drawing pins below are indicators of the specific vintages produced for us. We will add further pins each year so that we can all track the wines we’re drinking. From the 2013 vintage onwards, all the grapes for the Sauvignon Blanc will come from the same block on O’Dwyers Road (located in blue on the map below). This is to ensure consistent supply and the very highest quality grapes for our award-winning Sauvignon Blanc wines.

View Marlborough Vineyards in a larger map