We are currently looking for interesting trade opportunities in New Zealand.  

If you own a restaurant or wine bar and are looking for something a little different or indeed, your own-brand label (see our own-brand for Anna Hansen’s The Modern Pantry in London, UK) – please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Please contact us for something original! Be it for trade sales, a wedding, or another type of function, I can help provide you with the right wine for your needs. 

Because I am working right from the source (I literally am part of the source) I am able to provide this wine at a competitive price considering the standard of wine being produced. Please note, if this is for a one-off function, we have a minimum requirement of five cases being purchased. 

We are making wine from single vineyards and are low yield so we hope that we can provide you a really different, and truly boutique, wine. We aren’t in the business of cutting corners and you would always be dealing with me (Sarah) or with my husband (Adrian) directly.

I would be happy to meet you and try a bottle together, to see if our wine is the type that you’d like in your wine bar / pub / restaurant.

Whilst new trade opportunities are exciting, we do value our current trade deals greatly.  We will only go into business with people that agree with our values and so long as they don’t undermine any other current deals.

Please use the contacts page to reach me directly. I’ll be in touch within a day or two and will be excited about the prospect of meeting you.

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